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    A level Mathematics involves the study of mathematical principles and techniques and their application to theoretical and practical problem solving. It provides the sound base necessary for further mathematical study. Students are encouraged to purchase graphic calculators to help understand complex concepts and techniques and to explore new areas of Mathematics.


    Year one involves the study of two areas of Mathematics:

    • Pure
    • Statistics.


    Year two involves:

    • Pure
    • Mechanics.

    The Pure modules cover a comprehensive range of techniques including advanced algebra, calculus, trigonometry, functions, co-ordinate geometry and numerical methods. 

    The Mechanics module uses these techniques in the modelling and analysis of physical situations. 

    In the Statistics module, students learn to analyse data critically, explore probability and are introduced to the Normal Distribution.

    The course is assessed entirely by examinations on each of the modules which take place in June. Each examination is 1.5 hours long. Students “cash in” their modules at the end of the course for either an AS level (3 modules) or an A level (6 modules). 

    The course is an excellent preparation for study of Mathematics in higher education. It also covers the techniques and applications needed for the study of other subjects in higher education such as Engineering, Economics and the Sciences.


    Entry Requirements: As stated in the Admission Policy

    Special Requirements: Including Level '6' or above at GCSE Maths                                                     

    Exam Board: Edexcel