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    After School Hours Activities

    There are many enrichment opportunities and events which take place outside normal school hours. Students' parents will be asked for a small donation to cover the cost of providing these activities. Details will be provided later in the admissions process, but the school has offered the following after school hours activities in the past:

    For the last five years we have run Master Classes for all students but particularly for those who would be considering Oxbridge or other high demand Russell group universities. After school sessions are offered in subjects that go beyond the confines of the 'A' level syllabus funding permitting.

    The aim of these classes is to alert our able students that they have to work outside the confines of the ‘A’ level syllabus if their bid for places at these competitive institutions is to be successful.

    Past Master Classes range from Eliot’s Waste Land, Health and Disease, The Greeks and Romans on Love, A Short History of Mankind, Understanding Landscape, Mind Trip a look at relativity and quantum theories, Introduction to Social Anthropology, Historiography, History of Art an Examination of Myth, Love and Power and the Dark Side of Caravaggio, An Examination of The Economic Downturn; parallels with Japan’s lost decade and consideration of whether this is the end of Capitalism, Brecht and Verbatim Theatre, Insight into the Fashion, Textiles and Print Industry, Consideration of Representation of Classification of Torture in Films and Creative Screenwriting.

    Master Classes Spring 2016

    Social Events
    Throughout the two years a number of social events are organised in order to promote a friendly and cohesive SIxth Form.  Events such as: Year 12 Drinks and Canapes.


    Spring Revision
    In order to also support students in their academic studies, we offer Spring Revision Sessions, which comprise of two hour targeted revision sessions across a range of academic subjects.