BBC School Report 2017

    As part of the nationwide initiative BBC School Report 2017, twenty-one of our own Year 8 students were selected to create our own CSG news broadcast on Thursday 16 March. With just three and a half hours to decide on their stories, write their scripts, conduct interviews and film themselves, the students did a fantastic job in working together and (almost!) meeting their deadline.

    Their stories of choice this year were all pertinent to our day-to-day school lives and provide some interesting insight. They explored teenage depression and how to spot it; LGBT and gender acceptance; the rise of young feminists and cybersafety.

    Please take the time to watch our news report, which is linked to the BBC website. A big well done to Tess, Saara, Anisa, Anne, Eleni, Aurora, Luwam, Myran, Adriana, Halle, Chanya, Cecilia, Carmen, Hana, Lailanie, Alice, Sumaira, Cosima, Delina, Victoria and Stella.