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    CASCA News

    Thank you and more to come!



    We've had a great CASCA Spring term, with lots happening and lots of fun - from the lively Dramstock! to the fascinating Parents' Forum, the entertaining Quiz Night and busy Table Top Sale - all really well attended and enjoyed. 


    Very many thanks to everyone who has joined in, in many ways, and made all our events such a success. Together, your work and support has been extremely helpful to the school and students - with a total income of almost £11,500 raised for the school this term alone, from the events, the friendly CASCA Bar and the Martyn Gerrard house boards.


    CASCA funds this year have paid for a new library floor, chromebooks, PE equipment and support for Duke of Edinburgh students, among other things. We're delighted to let you know too that, in line with our Fun Run and Dramstock! pledges, we are also giving an amazing £11,000 to enhance Performing Arts in the school, in addition to over £5,000 we've already granted to music from the Fun Run income.  We're very chuffed that CASCA is able to enhance teaching and learning at the school to such an extent. A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to the various events! 



    Next Term


    We have lots to look forward to, including: 

    - Parents' Forum - please note this is postponed - new date to be confirmed

    - CASCA meeting and AGM on Wednesday 17 May (note new date) - a great opportunity to meet other parents from across the school and find out more

    - Our annual SummerFest on Friday 9 June - great fun for the whole family 

    - A new Dance-a-thon on Friday 30 June - everyone will get involved...


    We are also launching an exciting new fundraising initiative on Founders' Day to support the school - watch out for more details...

    Thank you for all your support!


    CASCA Team