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    STEM and International Women’s Day Event

    It was a fun trip and an unforgettable experience.



    On Wednesday the 8 of March, 20 students in year 10 went to a STEM and International Women’s day event at Google headquarters in Kings Cross.

    We attended a series of talks in the Google office from DeepMind. The talks were aimed at young girls of the ages 14-15, and discussed how careers in STEM subjects are becoming increasingly more important in the world, especially as females.

    We were also given a talk on projects DeepMind were working on which were to do with smartphone apps and artificial learned intelligence. We were then given an opportunity to ask any questions we had to a panel of DeepMind experts and, at lunch, we had conversations with some of the employees.



    It was a fun trip and an unforgettable experience.     

    Mia 10M