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    Sixth Form at the Royal Society

    Attending the Partnership Grant Conference at The Royal Society was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.



    Nine of us from The Air We Breathe research project went to The Royal Society in Central London to take part in their Partnership Grant Conference along with twenty-three other schools from around the country.



    The significance of the visit struck us when we entered one large room and a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton loomed above us. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, President of The Royal Society, gave the opening speech on science. This was followed by an intriguing talk from Professor Lucie Green on the physics of the sun along with how some forthcoming exciting new space programs will hopefully increase our knowledge of our system. This was followed by a presentation from each school on their project, including ones on epigenetics, cosmic rays and ionic liquids.


    After lunch, we attended workshops on ‘Science and Policy’ and ‘Filming Science’. In the former, we learned about the vital roles played by various scientific groups in help the Government respond to emergencies including ebola and the local floods.


    The climax of the day was a presentation of our research posters. Mimicking a real-life scientific conference, Fellows of The Royal Society and students from the other schools visited our display. Here we explained our methods and findings and answered any questions they had. Their feedback was extremely positive and many seemed impressed with the value of our research, especially given that school is so close to a busy, main road.


    Overall, attending the Partnership Grant Conference at The Royal Society was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, especially as many of us hope to one day be professional scientists - visiting such a hallowed ground for science was incredibly inspiring.


    Maceo Y12