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    The Woman in Black Performance Review

    All of Year 8 really seemed to enjoy it, so the trip was a real success.



    Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black written in 1982 has been turned into a heart-stopping performance, shown in the Fortune Theatre, Covent Garden. Last Tuesday and Thursday, Year 8 visited this terrifying but enjoyable play.

    The show differs slightly from the book, but a very close interpretation has brought the elements of theatre and prose together. It started with dim lighting, establishing an ominous atmosphere for suspense leading to the tense jumpscares. Many students came back saying they were shaken, but others simply put on a breezy smile, like it was nothing.


    In my experience, I found the noise a little traumatic; blood-curdling screams and other haunting and sudden sound effects added even more scariness to the show, and the dry ice was a little unnerving. However, the characters were very well played, despite the fact that there were only three actors.

    The storyline was easy to pick up on, and eerie tension added spice to the performance. On the other hand though, they seemed to have an issue with missing minor characters (eg. Spider the dog, Stella and the baby) but I suspect maybe that was for the audience to use their imaginations.  


    As the play was winding down, the company managed to throw in one last exceptionally spine-racking scare. This was probably the scariest bit of the whole play, but a fabulous twist to the show which I won’t spoil!

    All of Year 8 really seemed to enjoy it, so the trip was a real success.



    Written by Leila 8M
    Edited by Paddy 8T