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    CASCA News

    How funds are used and new activities.



    Many thanks to everyone who came along to the recent CASCA meeting - we really welcome new faces. We had a good discussion around several topics.


    How CASCA funds have been spent
    Last year CASCA raised about £40,000, which has been well used by different departments in the school. There has been a focus on the Arts and PE, particularly supported by the Fun Run £25,000. The Jumble Sale raised over £7,500: a record amount.

    Purchases include:

    - Library: new matching chairs and flooring
    PE:  a new trampoline, additional safety ends for the existing ones, and iPads for recording PE demos and showing clips and videos
    DT:  upgrade of PCs with new software for 3D printers
    - Music: additional IMacs for composing, plus software upgrades
    - Drama: money from Fun Run yet to be allocated

    These purchases have made a massive difference to the school, and to the experience of students.


    New fundraising scheme - CASCA support for school building works


    Building work is due to start on 20 February and to finish by October, with a break during the exam period. The work is funded by Camden, but the school will need parents' support to buy furniture and fittings.


    - the dining area will be expanded by about 30% (80-100 places) , with work also on 6th Form dining area

    - the foyer will be extended, with increased security - the front of the school will be more attractive and welcoming

    - the staff room will be extended

    - the 6th Form block will be improved with bigger classrooms


    CASCA is planning a new fundraising scheme to involve parents and support the work. It will be launched on Founder's Day and is likely to involve sponsoring particular items, eg chairs, tables and cupboards. Donors will be credited, either by name or anonymously according to preference. Anyone who would like to be involved please contact Greg Klerkx (Chair),


    CASCA events

    CASCA's success depends on parents, so please get involved when you can - coming along to events, help with ideas or the organisation.


    - Parents' Forum - Thursday 2 March (Kelly and Genevieve)

    - Quiz Night - Thursday 16 March (Kelly and team)

    - Table Top Sale - Saturday18 March (Rachel Orme, Irene and Sheila, who take over from Mary Kavanagh)

    - The CASCA Bar always welcomes support (Andy)

    - This year Dance-a-thon will replace the Fun Run, in the summer term, and will involve all students and probably parents too (Nicki & Tim Longfoot & Maia)  

    Funds raised by CASCA are particularly important at the current time, as money is scarce. The school stressed how important CASCA fundraising is, and hope that more parents will get involved to support this. CASCA and the girls need you!


    Class Reps

    It was agreed that the class representative system could be improved, particularly for Years 7 and 8, with better communication with CASCA around activities and events. It was also suggested that the class reps might get Year 7 parents together to help them meet others.

    Thanks for everyone's input to all these activities!



    On Saturday 28 January CASCA added a brand new event to its calendar - Dramstock! The aim was to raise funds for music and drama, and the school hall filled with students, parents and teachers to watch, listen to and admire the musical talents that abound in the school. Our Angles, The Larks, the Ellie H-H Band and the newly formed Will Byers (teachers) band thrilled the audience in the first half.


    After the interval, well-catered for by the CASCA bar, we heard from Cosima, Luke and Charlie, The Dirty Blondes and finally Exit Zero, Royston Deitch’s band.


    The standard of the music and playing was exceptional, ranging from exquisite singing to confident, powerful instrumental playing. The audience was wonderfully appreciative and the whole event made for a thoroughly enjoyable Saturday evening.


    The CASCA Team
    Greg, Imogen, Sophie, Annette, Barbara and Harriet