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    History Project on WW1

    Nurses and Tommies – Poem by Ellie Y9.





    No political views, no political rights,
    From danger in the factory, to a fear filled trench
    Credit card, or access to the pill,
    From wives and children
    Here we are, centre of a battle full of politics,
    Love and safety
    Views no longer shut away,
    Into hell and mayhem
    Shut away in a cupboard,
    Individuals do not matter so the number of deaths still rise
    But out in the open.
    Friends disappear into a spray of death
    Little education, almost none
    To a football field, from fun and laughter
    One shot to make a difference
    To the stench of death, gas and smoke
    To help men, to become equal.
    That never leave you.
    Families separated, boys, too young
    A brother falls next to you,
    Sent out to a land
    Then a friend

    Torn apart by hatred.
    The nightmare just carries on
    By blood and guilt
    There will be no waking up from it.
    Power and politics.
    No one cares what is really happening
    Taken in one hundred, 12 now dead
    The only escape is death,
    A boy of sixteen, legs blown apart by our own guns.
    Or the hospital.
    Men covered in splatters and lakes of blood
    Cousin gone missing,
    Christmas, competition between wards
    Thousands buried randomly,
    Smiles, so many,
    Graves unmarked
    Something i forgot the world knew how to do.
    There is no trace of the boy that left
    Hundreds of wounded.
    Hundreds of wounded
    No one wins,
    No one wins,
    We all just keep on losing.
    We all just keep losing.


    Ellie Year 9