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    Forthcoming Dates

    Please note that the dates/times noted below are subject to change.



    January 2017

    Saturday 28


    Monday 30
    Y12 - 13 trip to The National Theatre, 7.30-10.30pm


    February 2017

    Thursday 2
    Y10 Parents’ Evening, 5-7pm
    Y12 Philosophy Conference
    Maths Challenge Intermediate


    Tuesday 7
    Y10 English Mocks, p4-5


    Wednesday 8
    Orchestra/Ensembles Concert - Main Hall, 7-9.30pm


    Thursday 9
    Y7 Parents’ Evening, 5-7pm


    Friday 10
    Half Term


    Monday 20
    Return to School
    Chamber Choir/Youth Regional Event


    Wednesday 22
    Year 13 Music Trip to Rigoletto, 6-10pm


    Thursday 23
    Y9 Parents’ Evening & Options Fair, 5-7pm
    Y11 English Mocks p4-5
    Royal Society Partnership Grants Conference


    Tuesday 28                 
    Half of Y8 to performance of the Woman in Black
    Premier League U13s Football Tournament, 10am-3pm


    March 2017

    Thursday 2                         
    Half of Y8 to performance of the Woman in Black
    Dance Show, 6-7pm
    GCSE Ensemble Exam in C30, 7-9pm
    CASCA - Parents’ Forum, 7pm


    Tuesday 7
    Y9 English Trip to Shakespeare’s Globe, 12.30-4pm


    Wednesday 8
    Choral/Vocal Concert St Michaels Church, 12-5pm


    Thursday 9
    Y12 Parents’ Evening, 5-7pm
    COGA Committee Meeting, Evening


    Monday 13
    Y11 Photographs


    Wednesday 15
    INSET DAY - School closed
    Y13 Theatre Trip to The Cherry Orchard, 6-10pm


    Thursday 16
    Y8 BBC Report Day
    CASCA QUIZ NIGHT, Main Hall/Dining Hall, 6.30-10pm
    Year 12 Geography Residential to Sussex (to 17th)              


    Saturday 18
    CASCA TABLETOP SALE, Main Hall/Dining Hall, 2.30-4.30pm


    Monday 20
    Y11 Maths Mock Exam
    Senior Prefect Nominations and Fundraising


    Wednesday 22
    Y11 English Mocks, p6-7
    Y10 Teenage Boosters Mop Up Sessions       


    Thursday 23
    Y8 Parents’ Evening, 5-7pm
    Y11 Chemistry mock exam


    Friday 24
    Y11 Biology mock exam


    Monday 27
    Y11 Maths mock exam


    Tuesday 28
    Y11 GCSE PE moderation day


    Wednesday 29
    Y11 Physics mock exam


    Thursday 30 - 1Apr    
    Y12 History residential trip to Paris
    Y12 Art residential trip to Barcelona