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    National Theatre Comes to Camden

    Really gripping and thoroughly intense throughout - Ruby Y10.



    On Monday 9 January, the National Theatre’s production team transformed the hall into a most spectacular acting space for their production of ‘Macbeth’. The whole of Year 10 and Year 11 watched their GCSE set text brought to life in a fast-paced, exciting production. We were very lucky to have such a prestigious company in school and it was great to see such an enthusiastic response from the students.


    The best thing. Meriam, Year 11

    Unbelievably exciting. My heart was rushing throughout the entire production. I heard the drum beats next to me and it made it feel very real. Poppy, Year 10

    Really gripping and thoroughly intense throughout. Ruby, Year 10

    The play was amazing. The fight scenes were so real. Samiha, Year 10

    I really enjoyed the way they interacted with the audience. Ayiesha, Year 10

    I loved the fact that they made Banquo a woman. It created a really good contrast between Macbeth and Banquo. Lara, Year 10

    The performance gave me a much better understanding of the whole concept. Saskia, Year 10

    It was fantastic. Sadiha, Year 10