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    Dr. Jasmina Lazic

    Jasmina Lazic - Application engineer at MathWorks, specialising in optimisation techniques and image processing in MATLAB gave a talk to sixth form students on Monday 9th January 2017


     ‘The Maths you didn’t think you needed’

    If only witnessed for a few moments, the talk could have been mistaken for a lesson in art, hairdressing or even Sudoku, such was the breadth of Dr. Lazic’s presentation this Monday in sixth form assembly. The talk began with the equations that can calculate the mathematically perfect ponytail or thickness of tights according to the weather, before moving on to the many uses of Dr Lazic’s company’s (MathWorks) software called MATLAB. Having outlined how MATLAB can be used to calculate percentage coverage of infected tissue in cells of the body, Dr. Lazic went on to discuss social media and how MATLAB can calculate someone’s personality from their Facebook posts, amongst other things. She then finished with an impressive demonstration as MATLAB scanned and completed a Sudoku puzzle in seconds.

    It was an impressive assembly and certainly made us all rethink our perception of Maths and its uses.

    Jack – Y12